Japanese‐style room

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  • Japanese‐style room2

Japanese-style room with a relaxed atmosphere

You can relax and enjoy a peaceful time in a Japanese-style room.
Please enjoy the comfortable hours created by the quiet space of the Japanese-style room.

*No smoking in the room.

Western-style room

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Spacious Western-style room where you can fully lay back

Western-style rooms are twin rooms with a bed size of 200 cm.
The casual design with quiet colors will help you relax.

*No smoking in the room.

Japanese-style modern room

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  • Japanese-style modern room photo2

A fusion of Japanese and Western essences

The soft floor that is gentle on the feet, simple Ryukyu tatami mats and a clean and bright color wooden bed will make you feel at peace.
After opening the Japanese sliding doors, a 250-year-old olive tree in the rooftop garden can be seen.

*No smoking in the room.

Room facilities and amenities

  • ・TV
  • ・Dryer
  • ・Razor
  • ・Telephone
  • ・Washlet
  • ・Shower cap
  • ・Facsimile (rental)
  • ・Soap (liquid)
  • ・Comb
  • ・Electric kettle
  • ・Body wash
  • ・Bathing set
  • ・Tea set
  • ・Two-in-one shampoo
  • ・Bath towel
  • ・Refrigerator
  • ・Toothbrush set
  • ・Yukata